Portfolio 8

I really liked the idea of using the interactive map as a way to teach about the Battle of Gettysburg. In most cases history is taught through texts and specifically when learning military history I find that to be difficult. Whereas with this program, the movements which were described in writing are now visible to the user alongside a short summary of what is happening that time. In addition to the illustration of the military movements, they provided view-shed and panorama images to allow the user to see what the individuals, such as General Lee, at the battle saw. I feel these aspects of the program are incredibly useful and provide the user with an opportunity for a more in-depth learning experience.

That being said, a few details of the program could be altered. I wish it provided links for further reading on the different topics covered and not only focus on one side of the fight for that topic, such as a decisive moment for the Confederacy and not mention what the Union forces were doing at the time. As for animation, the ability to see the troop lines and their general movement serves its purpose but I feel a full animation (maybe on a loop) would be more effective, to see more exactly how the troops moved on the battlefield. And the symbols for the troop lines are not indicative of exactly how big that unit is, which would be helpful in comparing the units facing off. Visually, I found that the size of the map was a bit small and that I had to change the zoom settings often to be able to see everything and to see the map in different details. 

Overall, I really liked the program and how it used visual media to present its information.

Decisive Moments in the Battle of Gettysburg

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