Portfolio 13

I have not had much experience using data visualizations with regards to historic content. If it was available I would normally glance at it and move on. But I do understand the importance of data visualizations when researching history. So much of it could be best taught through visualization and not just by text. Now looking at visualizations I make sure to take note what exactly the information is that they are presenting, essentially what is on the x and y axis. I also check the standards by how they measure the information and how it is divided and organized in the visualization. This is way in which visualizations can be untruthful, creators can exaggerate or minimize the the information to best fit the narrative they wish to present. In some instances they create visually appealing data, but it is not accurately depicted. It may suggest a relationship in the data where there isn’t one and mislead the audience. Despite this, data visualizations of historical content are incredibly useful as an aid to learning history.

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